When you order the RYA Day Skipper course online, you also need a set of RYA charts and an almanac and a special electronic navigation code. Outside of USA we will mail these automatically to you. We use international Priority US postal service. It has a tracking number and you will be automatically sent that. Typically it will take about 10 days to get it.

For now for Canadians, until we figure out Amazon, you need to email us your shipping address and we will bill you separately for the pack. Delivery time is about 6 days.

For USA residents you can buy the RYA charts etc online from Amazon here below. Don't buy from elsewhere because you won't get the electronic navigation code. This price is at cost from RYA so you won't get it cheaper. Included in the set is a rotating protractor and a set of compass dividers. Delivery time is 1-2 days via Prime.