The NauticEd system uses Ranks and Levels to accurately summarize your competence.

You can not gain Certification Rank with NauticEd without listing an appropriate amount of on-the-water experience as master of the vessel into your electronic logbook AND having completed the appropriate theory coursework.

Rank and Level go hand in hand. For example someone might be Skipper Level II. See below how this works.

The Ranks are:

  • Qualified Crew Member
  • Skipper Small Keelboat
  • Skipper (Large Keelboat 26 ft (8 m)+)
  • Bareboat Charter Master***
  • Captain***

The Rank is representative of the theory courses the student has passed. See below.

The Levels are:

  • Level I = A minimum of 10 days of sailing experience*
  • Level II = A minimum of 25 days of sailing experience**
  • Level III = A minimum of 50 days of sailing experience**
  • Level IV = A minimum of 100 days of sailing experience**
  • Level V = A minimum of 200 days of sailing experience**

* This may be short cut to 2 days if the instructor/assessor has deemed the student competent to the skills and knowledge associated to the Rank

** A minimum of 50 % of theses days must be listed in the electronic logbook as master of the vessel. e.g. Level III would require at least 25 days as master of the vessel

*** For Skipper large keelboat, 50% of the days must be on a boat greater than 25 ft (7.9 m). Plus all the days required for that level must be on a boat greater than 20 feet.

*** Both Bareboat Charter Master and Captain require a minimum of Level III and also with a minimum of 50% of the days on a vessel equal or greater than 28 ft (8.3m). Plus all the days required for that level must be on a boat greater than 20 feet.

(If you are looking for information on Sailing Licenses for the Mediterranean, go here)

The Courses associated to achieve a rank are:

Qualified Crew Member Rank

  • Any of Qualified Crew Course or Skipper Small Keelboat Course or Skipper Course or RYA Day Skipper Course

Skipper Small Keelboat Rank

  • Skipper Small Keelboat Course

Skipper Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • Skipper Course (for large keelboats)
  • Maneuvering Under Power

Bareboat Charter Master Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Skipper Rank Bundle plus
  • Bareboat Charter Course
  • Coastal navigation Course
  • Electronic Navigation Course
  • Anchoring Course

Captain Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Bareboat Charter Master Rank Bundle plus
  • Storm Tactics
  • Sail Trim (advanced course not the Basic sail trim course)
  • Weather
  • Safety at Sea

A Rank can not be achieved with out Level. Thus (logically) you must have experience to gain a certification rank. 

A few examples to help understand

  • You can not be Bareboat Charter Master Level II - you must be level III at least. If you have passed all the Bareboat Charter master Courses but have 49 days of experience you would be listed as Skipper Level II. Log one more day and you are instantly Bareboat Charter Master Level III
  • You can be Skipper Level 1 with less than 10 days of experience if an instructor assessor has deemed you competent to the skills associated to being a skipper.

All of these Ranks and levels are calculated by the software and are awarded and reflected onto your certificate and resume in real time.

See this infographic of the above: