Yes and No - it depends on where you are going.

If you are chartering in  the Mediterranean or the Seychelles you need a sailing license. Either the SLC or the ICC will work - but with a caviat - you still need a sailing resume that documents your on-the-water experience as master or the vessel including size of vessel. Find out more about a sailing resume here.

If you are going to the Caribbean,  Pacific, Asia or most other places, you don't need a sailing license to charter a sailboat. AND you also do not need a sailing certification.  The yacht charter company will simply accept a sailing resume proving your competence at a level appropriate for the sailing area.

Of course, we recommend that you gain the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Rank. This documents your on-the-water experience and ensures you have enough experience that you are accepted by a charter company - and it provides you with a wealth of chartering and sailing information that can help you competently be the skipper.