Create your own promotion code - promocode

Under your own profile (click on your name at the top right when logged in) you can set up your own promotion code. When you give this code to your friends, they get $15 off their first course and you also get $10 into your credit.

You can see and manage your own credit on the gifts tab ( which is at the bottom left of your home logged in page (my NauticEd)

Redeem your Credit

To use your credit just use your own promotion code on the purchase page. On the purchase page you will see this:

2. Billing Information

If you have been given a promotion code from a sailing school or charter company click here.

Enter your promotion code on the drop down that appears after you click.

Redeem another promotion code

Same as above but use the code you are given


Some codes are course or bundle specific and some may have expired.


You can not combine a discount promotion code with the 1 hour $10 instant discount