It is important to give your logbook credibility by having the entries authenticated.

Your sailing resume reflects the percentage of authenticated entries. The higher the percentage the higher the credibility of your logbook.

Entries are authenticated in three ways

  • Via CrewMates - you crew mates are sent an automated email. If the click yes int he email your entry is authenticated. See the CrewMates article
  • Via TrackLink gps tracking app - see TrackLink article
  • Via NauticEd Sailing Vacations - when you book a vacation through NauticEd Sailing Vacations, your yacht charter entry in your logbook is automatically authenticated 

IT IS NOT necessary to have your entries authenticated to gain any accredited Level or for the SLC. It just gives your logbook more credibility that is all. Yacht charter companies rely on your sailing resume which is more than 70% based on your past experience. Thus authenticated entries are valuable.

You can have your past history logbook experience authenticated by your CrewMates simply by entering the date in the past. It is a good idea to communicate to your CrewMates that you are going to do this just so that they don't wonder about spam and that they don't ignore the email when it comes in.

When you sign in, under your Logbook tab you will find a link called CrewMates. That is where you create CrewMates. When ever you make a logbook entry no matter what date you can add a CrewMate to an entry. You can also edit old entries and add a CrewMates.

The NauticEd APP: In the App you can make an entry but you can't add CrewMates to App entries. Later, online you can edit that entry and add CrewMates at anytime in the future. The App is for making entries on the spot - you can't see all your entries or your full logbook.