When you make a logbook entry you can optionally elect to add CrewMates™ to your entry.

A CrewMate is a person that was on the boat with you for a particular logbook entry. You set up your friends and people you sail with as CrewMates under your logbook tab.

After you have your crewmates set up, when you are making a logbook entry, you can optionally select any one of your friends (CrewMates) that was on the boat with you that day. They will be sent an email. If they click yes in the email then your logbook will be automatically authenticated. If they are already a NauticEd student, they will also have that entry added automatically to their logbook. NOTE: This will only send your CrewMates a max of 1 email per week of your requests for authentication. On that email they can "authenticate all" if they like. We are protecting your friends email inboxes. No email if no requests. If they are a NauticEd Student they can login at anytime and authenticate by going to their logbook entries.

Thus it is important when you set up your CrewMates that you are using their already NauticEd registered email address so that they get the proper credit. However, your CrewMates do not have to be NauticEd students; in that case they get an email asking if the logbook entry is real. They just need to respond affirmative to the email and your logbook entry is then authenticated.

Very often we get bounced back emails because the person fat fingered their friend's email address. Make sure it is accurate when setting them up. Call them to get their NauticEd email account (if they have one).

You can not authenticate your own entry (obviously). You will see an n/a box when you made the entry. This means that you are unable to authenticate. Your CrewMates must Authenticate the entry.

Only One Person needs to Authenticate

Only One Person on the boat needs to Authenticate and by doing so they are attesting that: the entry is real AND all other people listed were really present. This also automatically generates an entry for the other crew members listed. When you or they click the edit button on an entry it will show who authenticated the entry. In the below image, Robert created the entry, Carrie authenticated it and Pat was on the boat at the time (who was also the master of the vessel on that day). Both Carrie and Pat have these entries in their logbook.