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We also offer two free sailing courses to every student.

FREE Sailing Courses

  • Basic Sail Trim Course  
  • Navigation Rules Course

We also have bundled some courses together in a logical format depending on the goal of the student. When the student takes those courses and logs a certain amount of experience into their logbook, the student achieves Rank. Here are the courses associated to each Rank. Note however that Rank can not be achieved with out logging true on the water experience.

Qualified Crew Member Rank

  • Any of Qualified Crew Course or Skipper Small Keelboat Course or Skipper Course or RYA Day Skipper Course

Skipper Small Keelboat Rank

  • Skipper Small Keelboat Course

Skipper Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • Skipper Course (for large keelboats)
  • Maneuvering Under Power

Bareboat Charter Master Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Skipper Rank Bundle plus
  • Bareboat Charter Course
  • Coastal navigation Course
  • Electronic Navigation Course
  • Anchoring Course

Captain Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Bareboat Charter Master Rank Bundle plus
  • Storm Tactics
  • Sail Trim (advanced course not the Basic sail trim course)
  • Weather
  • Safety at Sea

There are also other  a la carte sailing courses we offer.

  • Catamaran Sailing Confidence
  • Introductory Celestial Navigation
  • RYA Day Skipper Course
  • British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing Course
  • SLC Exam

The SLC Exam is not a course. It is a free exam that must be taken every 3 years to keep the SLC license active

You can buy any course a la carte or you can buy a bundle of courses to save money.