There are two. You can gain either one which will generally allow you to Charter a Catamaran as skipper subject to the note below*

(1) Catamaran Qualification

(2) Catamaran Endorsement,  (this carries more weight because an on-the-water assessment is required)

*NOTE: Charter companies will still review your resume to ensure it is worthy of chartering the size of cat you are requesting. For example, let's say you have been crew on a 38-foot cat for 7 days as required above but are now asking to skipper a 52-foot cat - there will be some discussion - you may not qualify. Everything has to be realistic. Perhaps you've sailed your own 60-foot monohull 100 times - well then likely the charter company will let you through. 

(1) Catamaran Qualification requirements:

  • Take the online Catamaran Confidence Sailing course
  • Logging  at least 3 days as skipper or 7 days as crew on a 38 ft (11.5m) or greater sized catamaran 
  • Be Level III as far as other/any logged time in your logbook (50 days)
  • Be Bareboat Charter Master Rank

(2) Catamaran Endorsement requirements:

  • Tak the online Catamaran Confidence Sailing course
  • Be Level III as far as other/any logged time in your logbook (50 days)
  • Being assessed as competent to operate a large catamaran with a NauticEd Assessor.
  • Be Bareboat Charter Master Rank

The Online Catamaran Sailing Confidence Course

Our Catamaran Confidence Sailing course is  $27

The Catamaran Confidence Sailing course assumes you know how to sail - it is a course on all the nuances of Catamaran sailing.

These are the areas that the course covers:

  1. Aboard your Catamaran
  2. Maneuvering a Catamaran
    • docking a catamaran under power
    • mooring and anchoring
    • effective use of spring lines
  3. Sailing a Catamaran
    • the sails and forces on them
    • under sail on a catamaran
    • tacking a catamaran
    • gybing a catamaran
    • reefing and heavy weather

We have also created a Rubrics on-the-water Training Document for Instructors for Competence Assessment. These rubrics are available under the Student Curriculum when you sign in as a student under OTW (On-the-water) assessments 

Once a student meets the Catamaran Qualification OR the Catamaran Endorsement requirements, your NauticEd Sailing Resume will be updated (including your SLC if you have one) which you can then send to yacht charter companies.

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