Our Catamaran course is the Catamaran Sailing Confidence course for $27

The Catamaran course assumes you know how to sail - it is a course on all the nuances of Catamaran sailing.

NauticEd has done a competitive analysis of all other catamaran sailing courses available. We made sure ours is better. (It was not hard)

These are the areas that the course covers:

  1. Aboard your Catamaran
  2. Maneuvering a Catamaran
    • docking a catamaran under power
    • mooring and anchoring
    • effective use of spring lines
  3. Sailing a Catamaran
    • the sails and forces on them
    • under sail on a catamaran
    • tacking a catamaran
    • gybing a catamaran
    • reefing and heavy weather

We have also created a Rubrics on-the-water Training Document for Instructors for Competence Assessment 

Once a student passes the above course and passes the assessment from the assessor our software will issue a Catamaran Endorsement which is attached onto your NauticEd Sailing Resume which you can send to yacht charter companies.