In the Coastal Navigation Course on the first page of the first module, Getting Started,  you will see "READ THIS".  This is where we give you instructions on where to get the Long Island Sound training charter #12354. If you are outside the United States see point 3 where you can download the chart PDF. You can then easily upload to your local office supply store and for about $15 equivalent they will print it out in large format.

We are kinda going to bust you on this, since if you are asking this question you have been rushing through the course and not reading the material. In two places we tell you how to order the charts. Busted! BTW - at NauticEd we have fun so this busting is done in jest! Enjoy!

The easiest and best place for USA people is here below. It includes a set of compass dividers and a Breton Rotating Protractor.

Or you can get the chart itself alone.