We offer two free sailing courses to every student.

FREE Sailing Courses

  • Basic Sail Trim Course  
  • Navigation Rules Course

These free courses are free for 30 days. If the student does not complete these courses in 30 days from their sign-up date then the student must pay the $10.50 for each course.

If at anytime a student pays for another course, then these two free courses are made available to view and pass for free forever.

Once passed, these courses are free to keep forever and to review forever, and take the tests time and time again - for free.

All courses that are purchased are always available for the student forever and the student can take the tests as any times as they like. Even after they pass a test they can still take it again forever. The system records the highest score so that if you take the test again and fail, you are still considered as passed.

Just sign up for free and enjoy.