Yes the logbook is designed for you to do this. At any time, you can start listing your past experience in the logbook and all these past days will count towards your qualifications.

See this article that best describes how to enter your past experience even if you can't remember the exact days

For entering new experience you can conveniently use:

  • online when you login - click on the logbook button
  • the NauticEd App
  • a regular webpage browser on your mobile phone since our pages are very mobile friendly (or computer of course)
  • the TrackLink App which is a GPS tracking app that automatically adds to your logbook
  • and for yacht chartering - if you use NauticEd as the agent then the software will automatically make the entry and authenticate the yacht charter.

For levels, this is the experience required (past experience or new experience). 

The Levels are:

  • Level I = A minimum of 10 days of sailing experience*
  • Level II = A minimum of 25 days of sailing experience**
  • Level III = A minimum of 50 days of sailing experience**
  • Level IV = A minimum of 100 days of sailing experience**
  • Level V = A minimum of 200 days of sailing experience**

So say you listed 49 days of past experience, you'd be level II. Then you sail 1 more day and log it with any of the ways above, you'd automatically and instantly roll over to level III. You'll be sent a congrats email.

* This may be short cut to 4 days if the instructor/assessor has deemed the student competent to the skills and knowledge associated to the Rank

** A minimum of 50 % of theses days must be listed in the electronic logbook as master of the vessel. e.g. Level III would require at least 25 days as master of the vessel

*** For Skipper large keelboat, 50% of the days must be on a boat greater than 25 ft (7.9 m)

*** Both Bareboat Charter Master and Captain require a minimum of Level III and also with a minimum of 50% of the days on a vessel equal or greater than 28 ft (8.3m)