When you first signin at www.nauticed.org/signin you land on this page www.nauticed.org/my - this is your home logged in page. 

If you are lost, you can get to this page in two ways:

  • Click the top left my NauticEd button (if you see it)
  • Click your name at the top right and drop down to my NauticEd

Do these above if you ever get lost.

Once you are on your home logged in page you can go to the options there which are:

  • Curriculum (your courses)
  • Logbook (make and view entries into your logbook, or add vessels and crewmates)
  • Sailing Resume (view your sailing resume - there you can also add other certifications and your state boater license (at the bottom of that page))
  • Book a Sailing Vacation (NauticEd are also agents for all the top yacht charter companies in the world - we don't charge you a fee)
  • International Sailing License (on this page you can monitor your process to your sailing license)
  • Badges (Learn by earning good boater badges)
  • Gifts (give and view gifts you have given or received)
  • How NauticEd works (a series of videos that help you fully navigate NauticEd)

Navigating Courses

Courses are broken into Modules and pages. You get to the modules by clicking on the course under your curriculum page then going to the bottom of that page. Once inside a course, at the bottom of each page you will see < Previous Page and Next Page>. This allows you move move serially through the course. Also you will see a table of contents button at the top right. There you can jump around the pages inside a module and also jump straight to the module test.

See this article for using book marks


Courses are bundled together in logical bundles. Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master, and Captain. If you purchase a bundle the individual courses show up under your curriculum.

Skipper Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • Skipper Course (for large keelboats)
  • Maneuvering Under Power

Bareboat Charter Master Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Skipper Rank Bundle plus
    • Bareboat Charter Course
    • Coastal navigation Course
    • Electronic Navigation Course
    • Anchoring Course

Captain Rank (Bundle of courses)

  • The Bareboat Charter Master Rank Bundle plus
    • Storm Tactics
    • Sail Trim (advanced course not the Basic sail trim course)
    • Weather
    • Safety at Sea