For the online coursework, each course is broken up onto several bite size modules depending on the course (a few courses have 1 module).

At the end of each module is a test. You can also jump to the text by clicking on table of contents at the top right. Although we don't recommend jumping to the test with out going through the course material.

You can take the test as many times as you like. We always record the highest score and so you can fail a second time around but maintain your passed status.

The test will remember where you are in the test so you can logout and come back at a later time and jump right back into the test where you left off.

The tests are multi-choice tests although some time soon we will add type in answer question types.

With all courses you have access to the course material for life. (For the free courses Basic Sail Trim and Navigation rules you have 30 days to complete the courses else you ned to pay the nominal $10.50 for each course. BUT one you pass the course you have that course also for life.)

The exception to the above is the RYA Day Skipper Course. There are embedded self-grade type-in-answer tests through out each module at the end of the course there is an overall final exam which you must submit and a real person will grade your exam (usually done with in 3 days).