Your logbook code is NOT your password.

Your logbook code is found under your profile (click your name (or "no name" if you have not entered your name into your profile) at the top right and drop down to edit profile)

Under your profile you will see a field for logbook code. You make it up and enter it here.

The logbook code is to give to instructors and schools  so they can pull your profile into their access system. This way they can manage your instructor sign offs and see what courses you have passed before you show up for practical training.

You also give your logbook code to yacht charter companies as well as your NauticEd login email ID. This allows yacht charter companies to view in real time your sailing resume and make a decision if you are charter ready or not.

Anytime you see a [?] on any of our pages, click those - they will give you crucial operating tips of how our system works.

INSTRUCTORS - When you ask your students for their logbook code, be sure to explain it is NOT their password. It is their logbook code that they make up and enter under their profile. Else your student will give you their password and that will not work.

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