SLC stands for Sailing License and Credentials. It is the Sailing License that NauticEd issues to allow recreational sailors to legally charter a sailboat in the Mediterranean. All charter companies and countries in the Mediterranean accept the SLC.

The SLC Exam is not a course. It is purely an examination of all the topics that you would have learned through out the Bareboat Charter Master bundle of courses. Passing all the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses is a requirement for the SLC. They are fully comprehensive courses regarding all the knowledge needed for chartering a bareboat on a sailing vacation with friends and family.

In order to maintain your SLC license, you need to pass the FREE SLC exam every three years. We do this for obvious reasons - to maintain your knowledge of the rules, tides, navigation, weather and other critical safety items. We believe you will find that this is the responsible thing to do considering all the youtube videos out there of boat boo boos. 

To gain the SLC license, you need to do more than just pass the SLC exam. Follow this link to see the requirements for gaining the SLC.

The SLC Exam itself is under the Sailing Courses link. The direct link is here: