When you go to your home logged in page www.nauticed.org/my, click on the Resume Tab

Then at the top you will see where you can download your certificate.

Individual Course Completion

In your Sailing Resume, you will see each course that you have completed. You can download your Sailing Resume and use to show to any entity as proof of completion.

RYA Day Skipper Certificate

If you are looking for your RYA Day Skipper theory passed certificate, look to the bottom of your resume page. Here is the support page for that: http://support.nauticed.org/solution/articles/44000583892-where-is-my-rya-day-skipper-theory-passed-certificate-

Sailing Certificate

Your sailing Certificate is available under your Resume tab. Just tap on it and the certificate will open in your browser window. Tap the download button and/or the print button in your browser.

SLC License

Under your resume tab above, you will see the reference to your SLC - that is as long as it has been awarded. Once awarded you will be able to download a PDF and print it out. We recommend that for presenting to the authorities you print out on nice resume-type paper. If ever questioned, there is a link on the license whereby they can verify its authenticity by entering the logbook code shown. Thus it can not be faked.

If you don't see it there, then there are still remaining requirements. Please go back to the My NauticEd button (top left) and look 2 buttons down below the curriculum button. There you will see the International Sailing License Button. Click that.

Then on the International sailing license page, spy down and see if there are any red items. Any in red will need to be completed. Usually there is a (?) next to the item. If you click a (?), a pop-up will tell you about that particular task. The Catamaran one is optional.