Student Instructions:
At the end of your on-the-water training and assessment, you will be sent a congratulations email with your on-the-water practical competency grade. At that point, you have the opportunity to rate or grade the quality of your experience.

It is important that you are objective and honest. The rating is used for quality improvement of everyone's experience including the instructor. If the instructor could have done a better job then please note as such. No one gets in trouble on this - it is all about improvement. 

  • How can an instructor do better if he or she does not know that there is room for improvement?
  • How does the school know to clean the boat up better if no one says it could do with a spruce up?

BUT NOTE: If there is something out of the instructor's control please don't rate them low. For example, one time an instructor was rated low on the condition of the boat - but the boat was the student's own boat. 

Ratings are made public for future prospective students to see.

During your training, you may be assessed for your competence so that your instructor can issue that practical competence grade to you if demonstrated. At NauticEd, we use the American National Standards assessment rubrics - you instructor should have used these if formally assessing you. Thus the "rubrics" question below in the feedback. Let us know if your instructor used a formal set of rubrics.

(rubrics are micro assessment tasks - such as trimming the head sail, man overboard, reefing)

If you ever want to change your assessment after submitting it, you can go to


Here is the rating form page you will see when you sign in after your assessment is complete.