If you already have an SLC, we offer a huge Congrats and well done. It is a big accomplishment.

Now you are asking "what size boat is the SLC valid for?"

The rating of your boat length listed on your SLC license is based on the size of boats you listed in your logbook history.

The calculation adds ten feet to the largest size of boat you have sailed 5 days or more. For example, if your logbook lists:

  • 3 days on a 50-foot boat
  • 10 days on a 45-foot boat
  • 50 days on a 40-foot boat

then your SLC boat length rating will be for a 55-foot boat.

Do not stretch the truth. If you ever get into an accident and there is a legal enquiry you could be held criminally liable for making false statements and renting a yacht under false pretenses.

If you want to increase the size rating on your SLC, just sail a bigger boat for 5 days total at least.