When you tap on a course, it shows all the modules associated to that course. Each course has a test. Next to each Module, there are two columns. One says Recent Score, the other says Best Score. This is so that you can take the test as many times as you like even if you have passed. So don't be afraid to take the test again worrying that a fail will affect your result. It won't. Once you pass, you pass. This is reflected in Best Score and this is what is reported on your resume. 

In this manner, we are encouraging you to take the test in the future again and again to keep your knowledge skills alive.

Don't worry then about Recent Score if it shows Test in Progress. It might have been that at some time you opened up the test again or you accessed it on the mobile device. It has no bearing on anything and it is just an indication to you only. You can even leave a test half finished, as long as you have passed it in the past.

Keep trying to get 100% even if you passed it at 90%.