Yes. There are two specific theory tests for the SLC: (1) On-The-Water theory WRITTEN assessment that is conducted and graded by the SLC assessor during the on-the-water assessment. This takes about the first 45 minutes of the on-the-water assessment and is usually conducted in the boat salon. And (2) the SLC Online Exam taken by the student online in their own time.

(1) When being assessed by the assessor on the water, prior to heading off, the assessor will issue you a WRITTEN theory assessment test. The test covers:

  • navigation (be familiar with plotting vectors on a chart including current and leeway)
  • tides (be familiar with the rule of twelves and how to layout the rule in the table presented in the Coastal Navigation course)
  • buoys
  • weather 
  • and other areas 

You should be very competent at these tasks. All tasks for the assessment are listed in your curriculum under the OTW assessments downloadable PDF.

For any areas of the assessment for which you are not fully comfortable with, you should communicate those areas with your assessor beforehand so that you can gain some training. The assessor does not want to issue you a lower competence grade but will do so if you demonstrate weakness that will endanger you or your crew or the vessel. Don't try to "wing it".

Instructors can find this WRITTEN test to issue to students under their Resources tab when they sign in as their instructor profile.

(2) In order to gain the SLC you ALSO need to pass an online multichoice SLC Exam. The exam is free. See The written theory test in (1) above is NOT the same as the online SLC free exam. 

Both must be completed.

The SLC is the Mediterranean sailing license that NauticEd is able to issue.