The SLC is valid for 3 years and is easily renewable. To renew, just sign in to your account and go to the international sailing license area on the home signed-in page. There you will see anything that is red and you must complete that item. 

If your SLC is not expired yet but is expiring shortly, go ahead and complete the online SLC exam course now so that all the most recent pass dates on each module are now and make sure you have logged 10 sailings in the past 2 years or 5 in the past year. Then pay the renewal fee anytime.  

As you can imagine, we have the responsibility of keeping everyone as competent and current in their knowledge as possible. This is why we set up such renewal parameters.

If confused at any time, tap on any of the [?] and there will be an explanation of what to do.

*Make sure the most recent pass-date for the free online SLC exam is within the past 2 years for each module. Preferably, for safety sake, in the last few months.

Example: - this student needs to complete the SLC online exam (FREE)