Most of NauticEd's online courses are about $40. We have bundled courses together into logical groupings to guide a student's growth through the ranks of knowledge.

  • Qualified Crew - $37.50
  • Skipper Small Keelboat Rank - $39
  • Skipper Large Keelboat Rank - $95
  • Bareboat Charter Master Rank - $175
  • Offshore Captain Rank - $307
  • Catarmaran Course - $27

There are many other courses that can be taken a-la-carte. They range from $10 - $67.

The individual course costs are listed on each course page. See

Regarding on-the-water training, schools charge their own rates which depend on the expense of the boat and marina fees, seasonality, the depth of the instruction,  the longevity of the instruction, and the learning power of the student.

Assessments of competence are usually completed in one 6 hour day. An instructor typically charges $100 per hour.

The NauticEd elogbook and resume building tool are free.