You are awarded ranks, levels, certificates, the SLC license, and competency signoff as you progress through our system. 

  • Completing Courses
  • Adding time on-the-water to your NauticEd electronic logbook.
  • Getting assessment sign offs by instructors

The software monitors your progress and automatically issues the appropriate state of your rank and license etc.

If you are wondering that your license or certificate has not been appropriately awarded, it is probably because all the conditions have not been fully met. e.g not enough time on-the-water logged, courses not completed, or on-the-water practical assessment not completed.

Our philosophy is that Competence comes from:
  1. theory knowledge plus 
  2. practical skills plus 
  3. experience 
This philosophy is built into the software. Thus if an element is missing, a competence certificate will not be issued by the software.

The SLC license requires full competence on all three of the elements.

Read this article which graphically shows you how you are awarded your rank, level, certificate, license, and competency.

Many times, you are required to meet all three conditions of theory knowledge, logged practical experience, and practical skills competency signoff to the appropriate level before the full award or license is made. 

For example, while you may have a signoff for practical competence by an instructor/assessor you may not have met the requirements of logging in the required amount of experience or perhaps not finished a required course. The system can not recognize competence if you don't have enough experience, or theory coursework is missing or a practical assessment by an instructor/assessor is missing. For example, an instructor/assessor may recognize practical skills but if the experience is lacking then all-around competence can not be issued. 

Take time to review the article and the interactive infographic embedded into the article above.