You meet an old friend in the street, you can quickly add a person to the NauticEd program by using the webpage You can bookmark this page on your mobile phone. When you enter them on this page (and if you are a school or instructor they are assigned to your school or instructor profile automatically - not necessary if you are not) they are automatically signed up as a student and given the two free courses - Navigation Rules and Basic Sail Trim. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to NauticEd.

Students - if you have set up your own promotion code under your profile, your friend can get $15 off their first course and you get $10 into your own bucket to spend (use your own promotion code to redeem.

Note to Schools and Instructors - DO NOT use your own promotion code for your students. This process is only reserved for friends introducing friends. If this is abused we will just turn it off with the software.