To renew your SLC there are some requirements. They are simple and designed to make sure that you remain knowledgeable and skilled. 

(1) have logged either 10 days sailing in past 2 years or 5 days in past year in your online NauticEd logbook

(2) retake the online SLC multichoice exam

(3) pay the renewal fee

Don't confuse the SLC Examination which is online with the on-the-water assessment. We don't require you to do another on-the-water assessment.

When you go to your International License tab you will then see anything that is in red that needs to be completed. You can click on the [?] next to each item to learn more.

Here below, the user needs to take the online SLC exam again as it expired in 2018 (this is 2021 now)

To take the online SLC exam again, just go to your curriculum page and look down under your passed courses. There you will see the SLC Examination. Click on that then go down to the modules, you will see that they are expired.

Get started by simply clicking on Module 1 and take the test then more to Module 2 etc. Remember that the SLC exam is not a course - it is just an exam so you should be able to fly through it pretty quick.