You can not rent a sailboat without a resumé. A sailing certification will not cut the mustard despite what you have been told.

Imagine applying for an upper-level management job with your university degree. The recruiter would say "that's nice you have a degree but what is your experience? Can you send over your resumé please?"

A sailing certification documents that you did training. But on the ocean, and for insurance companies, training is not enough. You must document your experience. The experience needs to be on a similar size and type of boat. And it should be plentiful.

Call any yacht charter company and say you have a Bareboat Charter Certification from US Sailing or ASA and the yacht charter company will say ""that's nice you have a certification but what is your experience? Can you send over your resumé please?"

Make sense?

Yacht charter companies need to make sure that you are competent. Competence comes from theory knowledge, practical skills, and practical experience.

It is reality.

NauticEd's software automatically builds a sailing resumé for you in real-time from entries you make in your electronic logbook, the courses that you take online with NauticEd, and any practical training and assessment from a NauticEd American National Standards recognized instructor.

Logbook entries are easy and simple to make. The online courses are content-rich and above international standards for information and teaching provided. Instructors are professionally trained and meet the American National Standards.

Your NauticEd resumé is professionally presented, easy to download 24/7, easy to distribute to those who need it, and is a full documentation of your competence. YAcht Charter Companies worldwide recognize the NauticEd Sailing Resumé.

Here is how to make logbook entries