As an instructor/assessor when you sign in you will see the following on the right side. Tap on dashboard.

This will take you to your dashboard where you manage students. Tap on See instructions and read.

Your students you are currently working with are listed under the students Tab. Prospects and Students are listed under All.

People that you have not been training yet will be a prospect such as Jill Sailor below. Tap request to convert. This sends an email to the school so that the school pays the (minimal) Technology conversion fee. Once converted, you will see a Gradfe Button next to them such as Bill Sailor below. If you are a Private Instructor the request button will simply be a convert button. School loged in accounts will also see a convert button.

Sometimes the person may be in the NauticEd database but not assigned to you yet - or perhaps they are completely new. Thus if they are not in your All tab, then tap the Find/Add tabe above and follow the instructions to find the student or add then into your herd of students.

If they are not a student you can also use at anytime to create them as a prospect for you and your school you can then request to convert - or Convert if you are a school or private instructor.