The SLC is simple to get if you are already experienced. Essentially, you take online lessons and tests, log your past history experience into the NauticEd electronic logbook, and do a 6-hour assessment on the water of your skills.

If you're a little lost watch this. Then see additional instructions further down below.

To gain the SLC sailing license which is valid for recreational sailing (including chartering a sailboat) in the Mediterranean or Seychelles specifically - or anywhere else, follow the below link:

Additionally, NauticEd has a very helpful tool to track your progress as you move through the requirements. When you sign into NauticEd you will see a big international sailing license button:

When you click on that - you will see everything in red that you need to complete and everything in green that is complete. Items turn green automatically as you complete them. Once you complete all the SLC will be automatically and instantly downloadable.  Whenever you see a [?] symbol on this page, click on that and it will explain what to do.

The major requirements are to take the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses, the online SLC Exam, log previous history of at least 50 days of sailing in your free NauticEd electronic logbook, and pass the on-the-water assessment (there are some other requirements listed in the link above as well).

See the image below which is an example of what your curriculum might look like. You need to pass all the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses shown here plus the two free courses we give which is Basic Sail Trim and Navigation Rules. All the ones with red dots on them. Note that Skipper will remain incomplete at 99% until you pass Basic Sail Trim. The Red bookmark symbols mean that if you click on it - it will take you to the last page you were working on. Also note that the tests remember where you were last so that you can take a break, sign out - and the system remembers where you were. Our software is very sophisticated.

You'll also need to do the on-the-water assessment. The requirements of your skills are listed in the Practical OTW Assessment circled below. (OTW = On-The-Water). Read through those so that there are no surprises. Do not try to wing it with your assessor he/she will fail you if you don't meet the requirements. If you are weak in one particular skill, disclose that to your assessor so that they can train you on that area - e.g. we find that most Americans are weak on Mediterranean Mooring. You should definitely pass all the online courses prior to your on-the-water assessment. There are many theory questions that you will be asked during your assessment e.g. what does a north cardinal mark look like and what does it represent? There is a formal sit-down 45-minute theory exam at the beginning of the on-the-water assessment. You should be well versed in plotting and rule-of-twelves tides. All the knowledge required for this exam are in the online courses.

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