To gain the RYA Day Skipper Certificate, you must pass the RYA Day skipper theory course and then do a 5 day Day Skipper practical training/assessment at an official RYA on-water training school.

The theory training can be done through NauticEd's officially recognized RYA Day skipper online course. Upon successful competition, NauticEd will issue you an RYA Day Skipper theory course completion certificate. You then take that certificate to an RYA training center where they will conduct the practical on-water portion. Assuming you pass, then the school will issue you the official RYA Day Skipper Certificate. To then gain the ICC, you can download the ICC form from inside the NauticEd RYA Day Skipper online course, fill it out along with a copy of the Day Skipper certificate you received from the practical School. You will send that to the RYA in the UK whereupon they will send you back the ICC certificate - allow processing time.

If you are seeking a Mediterranean sailing license and you are in North America, you can alternatively gain the SLC which is an equally accepted Sailing license accepted by all yacht charter companies and port authorities. The SLC is more easily accessible in the USA because of more assessment centers.

To gain the SLC start here