With NauticEd, you can qualify and become a sailing instructor under the American National Standards. It does not matter where in the world you operate - standards are standards.

The biggest requirement is that we require that you have at least 100 days of sailing experience in your history.

The remainder is just work taking our course materials, understanding our certification and licensing system, and taking the Transformational Instructor course.

You are not required to be part of an existing sailing school and you don't have to start a sailing school. Simply, you are an independent instructor implementing the NauticEd training system to students.

For many, it becomes a good retirement income and a great way to meet new people.

See everything and make an application at www.nauticed.org/teach-sailing

Once you start your application you will work directly with the staff at NauticEd to get qualified. They will send to you a getting started document - follow those instructions exactly and red line out what you have completed. Continue to communicate with the NauticEd staff at teach-sailing@nauticed.org who will monitor your instructor progress.