If you want to become a link through affiliate with NauticEd whereby you can gain commissions on students you send to us, then follow along here below.

Sign up here: https://www.nauticed.org/signup/learntosail-link

(remember (write down) your credentials)

Once approved, login here https://www.nauticed.org/signin with your credentials and click on the Affiliate Management tab.

You'll see this below on the right side of the page. Click on Final set up instructions which gives you the coded link through to us.

Also click on NauticEd iFrame Set Up. This allows you to create code for an iFrame which you can drop on your site. It looks like the  below. When students fill this out, they stay on your site but become registered with us and you are attached in our database as the referring affiliate for commissions. You are paid quarterly.

If you don't here from us with in a reasonable time, please pop us an email info@nauticed.org.