If you are new to sailing, this is a good way to start.

The Basic Sailing Skills Endorsement is an acknowledgment that you have successfully demonstrated basic knowledge and skills for sailing. You are perhaps not quite competent to skipper your own boat yet but you are getting close. 

For the theory knowledge side of learning, take the NauticEd Introduction to sailing course. This will give you all the essential knowledge to ensure you understand what is going on when out on the water. The course is presenting in a fun interactive multimedia manner.

  • Terminology and Communication
  • Directions
  • Parts of the Boat
  • Sailing the Boat
  • Raising and Lowering the Sails
  • The Rules of Giveway

  • Maneuvering the Boat in the Marina
  • Knots
  • Anchoring
  • Navigation
  • Weather
  • Safety on Board

For the practical training side of learning, our American National Standards qualified instructors will spend 1-2 days with you on the water giving you a fun introduction to sailing covering in practice the principles above. Upon completion, you will earn a Basic Sailing Introduction Endorsement. See the Introduction to Sailing practical training page

This endorsement is equivalent to any 101 type of introductory class on any topic - upon completion, you will have good basic understanding and knowledge (and a lot of fun).


Basic Sailing Skills Endorsement 
"A Getting Started Certification-Milestone"

Able to demonstrate basic sailing knowledge and skills, and able to meaningfully participate (tack, gybe, etc.…) with a skipper and crew.

  • Theory Requirements: Introduction to Sailing course, Qualified Crew course, or any NauticEd Skipper course.
  • Skills Requirements: Demonstrate basic sailing knowledge and skills using the Basic Sailing Skills rubrics.
  • Training requirements: Attended a (recommended) 1-2 day introduction to sailing training course on-the-water.

See this infographic for a perspective on growth to Skipper Competence. Note that each instructor may opt to teach differently. The commonality however is COMPETENCE is achieved as a final end product goal. Recognizing this, each student is different and the time to competence will vary.