In short no.

The United States Coast Guard created the American National Standards for sailing training which was accepted by ANSI the American National Standards Institute. The NauticEd assessment of your practical competency is according to those standards. Anything outside the implementation of the assessment according to the standard is not acceptable. For example, how did your instructor implement the assessment? Did they use a rubrics method of grading or was it pass-fail? Did they perform all the tasks as required by the American National Standards? NauticEd is the only sailing education body in the world that has been approved to implement the American National Standards for sailing. So for sure, if you did not do an assessment with NauticEd approved school and instructor, you would not have been assessed according to the standard. NauticEd approves certain schools and instructors who fully understand the American National Standards and are committed to consistently implement those standards. Only those schools are allowed to award the American National standards seal of approval for the practical assessment. 

When you signin under your curriculum tab you will see the practical on the water assessment documents that you can download. This is how the assessment must be done. And it is why we are not allowed to accept any other assessments that were not done according to this methodology.

Sorry -  but we must keep our i’s dotted to maintain our rating with the American National Standards. 

However, we are not sorry for implementing logical and educationally sound standards and adhering to them.