Your courses are under your curriculum button.

If you can not see them, more than likely, you have two accounts. You would have purchased courses under one account and now you are logged into the other account. We definitely do not remove courses from accounts. 

First, think of all your email addresses you may have used to set up an account.

Also under your profile, you have a login email address and a correspondence email address. They may be different AND if you are logging in under your correspondence email address this still may work under the other account. ie one account may have same correspondence email address and login while the other has different login and the correspondence email. 

Sorry we'd like to take responsibility but you were the one that set up two accounts - we say that in jest and fun. We will absolutely help you sort this out if you can't. Perhaps you don't have access to the old email address to get your new password. No problem go to and submit a ticket explaining everything. Please don't just say "I can't log in". Give us the details.

We are here to help.