NauticEd are fully registered Yacht Charter Agents for all Yacht Charter Companies in the world. We pay for access to the world's charter boat databases.

This is important.  When you use NauticEd as your charter agent, there is NO additional cost to you.  For full disclosure, the charter company does give us a small “finders fee” on the back end at their cost. Why do they do this? Because it releases them from a lot of administrative burdens which we do instead. We use this money to help fund NauticEd to become the most advanced sailing education company on the planet. In this manner, you are helping create better sailors worldwide.  So thanks for that!

The benefits to you are many:

(1) Price and boat: We spent considerable time searching all the available companies and databases for boats to meet your budget and boat needs. Because of this, usually save you money on your charter. But we do ask that if you find a better price – then you come back to us. We’d like the opportunity to talk to the charter company and find out why and rectify the difference.
(2) Destinations that suit you: We can also advise on the best destinations and also on ones that you might not think about. Some destinations are not conducive seasonally or to your experience. How to get there: additional flights needed and travel time from the airport to base.
(3) Licensing: We know the licensing requirements and work to get you qualified. The last thing you want is to show up and be told by the base that you don’t have the correct license.
(4) Provisioning Advice: Provisioning is dependent on location and since we’ve been there, we can tell you how to best plan.
(5) Itineraries: Chances are we’ve been there and so we can give you the inside scoop on the best places to visit while there and which ones to miss.
(6) We Know the Charter Company Reputation: We know which companies really take care of their boats, who has friendly staff, who charge hidden fees at the base, past client ratings, and more.
(7) Unbiased advice.
(8) Representation: We represent YOU and your interests, not the charter company’s interest.
(9) First time Chartering? We have the patience, time, and process to ease any trepidation.

All these add up to benefiting your vacation experience overall. Simply said, we are the experts at this and coordinate all the details on your behalf.

If you're contemplating a sailing vacation - visit our sailing vacation page and check out all the resources we provide - including our Number 1 recommended destination that is not to be missed in this lifetime, go to our yacht charter resources page here.

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